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LIDALibraries in the Digital Age (annual conference)
LIDALow-Impact Development Approaches (Clean Water Services; Hillsboro, OR)
LIDALinguistic Assistant for Domain Analysis
LIDALearning Intelligent Distribution Agent
LIDAList of Inherited Disorders in Animals
LIDALebanese Investment Development Authority
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Lida," said she to the youngest one, "you must manage without your chemise to-night .
Little Lida screamed, rushed to Polenka and clutched at her, trembling all over.
Soon his eyes rested on little Lida, his favourite, who was shaking in the corner, as though she were in a fit, and staring at him with her wondering childish eyes.
Katerina Ivanovna took little Lida, lifted the boy from the chair, knelt down in the corner by the stove and made the children kneel in front of her.
He loved Lida most," she went on very seriously without a smile, exactly like grown-up people, "he loved her because she is little and because she is ill, too.
I say my prayers to myself as I am a big girl now, but Kolya and Lida say them aloud with mother.
It is a very good first step towards big innovation, particularly as it reveals information about walking gaits that we didn't know much about in nature before, " said lida.
El punto de partida es mi propia experiencia--comienza a decir Lida con su espanol casi perfecto--.
Comprometida con sus antepasados, aunque nacida en Mexico, Irene Akiko lida utiliza en su propuesta, vestimenta tradicional de gala o de fiesta, como si nos trasladaramos al otro continente y a otra epoca.
Lida le corresponde la autoria de haber construido esta red y es un acto de amorosa justicia reconocerselo, homenajearlo y festejarlo con un conjunto de trabajos como los que componen este libro.
Yan Lida, vice president (in charge) of Huawei's Enterprise BG, has understanding of markets and customer needs outside China.
The LIDA tool, designed by a health-care consultancy (Minervation), measures the accessibility, usability and reliability of health care websites.