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LIDILong Island Diagnostic Imaging (New York)
LIDILunar Ice Discovery Initiative
LIDILithium-Induced Diabetes Insipidus
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Copper sulphate, sodium carbonate, and formic acid were of LR (laboratory reagent) grade indicating a purity of 99% and sourced from LIDI.
Plaminek J, 2005, Vedeni lidi, tymu a firem: prakticky atlas managementu.
Connatural management jako novy pristup v posilovani konkurenceschopnosti lidi na trhu prace, Scientia et Societas 1: 144-152.
Can the tanah intended here be linked to the spines (lidi) of Enau sugar palm fronds (Arenga pinnata), called harupat in Sundanese, as stated by Holle (1882:17)?
Ackoli se nejedna o diametralne odlisne pozice, presto se postaveni vsech tri zkoumanych akteru v dimenzich suverenity a statnosti nezanedbatelne lisilo, vytvarelo tak ruzne silnou miru bezvladi, coz melo primy dopad na organizaci spolecenskeho zivota v kontrolovanem teritoriu a na kvalitu zivota beznych lidi. A dale je zjevna silna disproporce mezi predpoklady suverenity a kapacitami ke statnosti u vsech tri akteru.
Bartok had the revelation of folklore in the summer of 1904 when, on holiday in the town of Ratko, Slovakia [then Gerlicepuszta, Austro-Hungarian empire], he heard by chance a Hungarian folk song (Piros alma / Red apple), sung by a nurse (Lidi Dosa originating in Chibed, Mure?
Further a field, there was a Lidi about half-a-mile from the site where we often shopped.
The Belgian producer of private label diapers pers recently secured a contract with LidI, one of Europe's biggest retailers with 11,000 outlets in 28 countries, to sell its Drylock fluff I ess diapers.
Mesta pro lidi. Brno: Nadace partnerstvi (in Czech).