LIDRLankayan Island Dive Resort (Malaysia)
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We found that both tests reject the null of unit root for the variables lidh, lidr, Imtb, Ivat, Ibt, kit, Hit, Irt, l[t.sub.2], l[t.sup.3], Itp, les, and lis and are statistically significant at the 10% significance level, so we conclude that these variables are stationary.
The primers Lid-f and Lidr which generate a 80 bp fragment of the GPI gene [31] were used with the probe TaqMan MGB Lid-probe 5ATCGGCAGGTTCT-3 labeled with the fluorescent reporter dye FAM (6-carboxyfluorescein) at the 57end and with the fluorescent quencher dye TAMRA (tetra-methyl carboxyrhodamine).
Spojene staty jako lidr NATO se v letech 2007-2010 podilely na svetovych vydajich na obranu 51 az 53 %.