LIECLong Island Education Coalition (Long Island, NY)
LIECLow-Income Energy Conservation (assistance program; Southwest Gas Corporation; Arizona Energy Office)
LIECLessons in Electric Circuits (textbooks)
LIECLightweight In-Stride Extraction Capability
LIECLiquid Ion Exchange Chromatography
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To solve this goal, the mathematical model of LIEC was developed in the software package Comsol Multiphysics which allows to adaptively change the grid and to monitor errors when working with various numerical solvers [11].
The mathematical model of LIEC is realized in the following sequence:
the geometry of the LIEC is formed and the calculated areas of physical problems are determined;
The solution of the LIEC multiphysical mathematical model is produced by the BDF (backward differentiation formula) method or the Generalized alpha method with floating step and time constraints.
Let us consider the LIEC of an induction type of a coaxial disk configuration [12], This LIEC consists of a fixed IW with an outside diameter [D.
Electromechanical processes in LIEC have a complex space-time character.
At each time step, an appreciable uneven distribution of the flux density of the magnetic field B in the active elements of the LIEC is observed (Fig.
When the LIEC is operating at each instant of time, there is a significant spatial unevenness in the density of the induced current in the armature (Fig.
When the LIEC works as an accelerator, it is first of all necessary to control the movement of the armature, and when operating as a shock-power device, it is necessary to force the relevant object.
For experimental investigations of the LIEC operating as a shock-power device, a device was developed that includes an inductor 1 containing IW, which, with the help of an epoxy resin, is padlocked in a glass-textolite frame (Fig.
In the LIEC study, the current in the IW and the vibration of the plate 6 are measured simultaneously using a two-channel electronic oscilloscope RIGOL DS 522M.
0] between the joke and the inductor, and the accelerated mass on the LIEC indicators were studied experimentally.