LIECLong Island Education Coalition (Long Island, NY)
LIECLow-Income Energy Conservation (assistance program; Southwest Gas Corporation; Arizona Energy Office)
LIECLessons in Electric Circuits (textbooks)
LIECLiquid Ion Exchange Chromatography
LIECLightweight In-Stride Extraction Capability
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The Strategic management behind LIEC has been a Pioneer of the Business for more than 20 years.
LIEC continues to take care of its customers, by strengthening its relationship with the Banks in Pakistan.
LIEC are also used in high-speed valve and switching equipment, in test complexes for testing critical equipment for impact loads, in magnetic-pulse devices for pressing ceramics powders, cleaning containers from sticking loose materials, destroying information on digital media, etc.
The inductive-type LIEC provide a non-contact movement of the electrically conductive armature with respect to a stationary inductor driven from a pulsed source, for example, capacitive energy storage (CES) with an electronic current pulse generation system [5], In it, there are rapid electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical processes that occur when the yoke is moved rapidly in an environment.
Por fim, o procedimento de sintese tambem foi realizado em sistema hidrotermal assistido por micro-ondas (HM), utilizando-se um recipiente de Teflon, selado em um reator de inox (HMO-100, LIEC), com rampa de aquecimento de 5[degrees]C/min.