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We are curbing false testimonies from today and starting from this witness who lied.
Please read the following sentences: 1) To escape arrest, he not only disguised himself, he lied about his country of origin.
He lied to Mac Hogan, an investor who now has a $42 million judgment against Rogers, said Rogers' lies started when they met and continued in his statement to the Arkansas DemocratGazette about efforts to pay Hogan.
(2014) surveyed all first-year psychology students at the University of Amsterdam and asked them how many times in the last 24 hours that they had lied to different people.
Statistically, their scores were so implausible that they are likely to have lied about the numbers they rolled, rather enjoying a series of lucky rolls.
A person who has been lied to chronically will develop gullibility that is obvious to those with a developed truth register but even the gullibility of others will be obscure to those with an undeveloped or weakened truth register of their own.
I often ask parents if they ever lied to their own parents when they were teenagers, and they will respond: "Of course, all the time."
Also topping the list of people most often lied to are coworkers, employees, and--significantly--themselves.
Blair says he lied to mask his lack of confidence in himself and feelings of inadequacy.
It specifically alleges Clinton lied under oath both in his sworn deposition in the Paula Jones lawsuit in January and again in his grand jury testimony last month.
In a survey of consumers, 18 per cent admitted mendacity by mobile, 27 per cent had fibbed by text and 27 per cent had lied by email.