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Statistically, their scores were so implausible that they are likely to have lied about the numbers they rolled, rather enjoying a series of lucky rolls.
Harry Truman lied when he said the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima because it was "a military target.
Of the 307 HR managers who verify dates of employment, 55 percent reported that applicants sometimes lied about how long they held their jobs.
Deception is pervasive; we all lie and are lied to daily.
In the immediate aftermath of the Iraq war, Alterman notes, some of America's most influential voices on foreign affairs, like Thomas Friedman of The New York Times and the editorial page of The Washington Post, aided Bush by brushing off evidence that the president had lied about weapons of mass destruction.
They may use perception management statements, such as "I could never hurt someone," "Lying is below me," "I have never lied," "I would never lie," or "I would never do such a thing," all of which should alert investigators to the possibility of deception.
From the beginning of his career, he has lied about virtually everything.
They either lied or told the truth while being recorded on an EEG.
Some variations: ``Newsweek lied/Bush lied,'' ``Dan Rather lied/Bush lied,'' ``Clinton lied/Bush lied,'' ``Nixon lied/Bush lied.
His Administration lied six ways to Sunday to browbeat the American public into going along with the war.