LIEOLiberal International Economic Order
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As to the LIEO program, this was renamed in the 1980s as the 'export-oriented industrial' (EOI) policy under the World Bank-supported 'structural adjustment program' (SAP).
After the Second World War the United States sought to create a new LIEO. That effort was partly in response to its own isolationist behavior in the interwar years, which had contributed to global economic disorder and the destruction of the first LIEO built by the British in the 19th century.
today," Lal states, and the role that has been thrust upon her by History, one that she must not now shirk, is to create what he calls a "LIEO," a Liberal International Economic Order.
Meantime, the government, with the help of the IMF-World Bank, introduced a new economic blueprint called 'labor-intensive export-oriented industrial' development or LIEO. The assumption behind the blueprint was that jobs would mushroom with the inflow of investments into LIEO industries such as garments and electronics industry.
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The firm is offering two nights in the three-star Hotel Lieo for pounds 295 per person during February.
The technocrats tried to promote industrial development under a narrow program of labor-intensive export-oriented (LIEO) industrialization.
Lieo (NiW) 9.45, 2.(T) O'Malley (Ly) 9.20, Paras (Ly) 9.20, 4.
Part of the promotion of the LIEO is the creation of export processing zones or EPZs (Bataan, Cavite, Baguio and Mactan) and the establishment of bonded warehousing manufacturing units (BWMUs) as base facilities for duty-free reexport manufacturing.
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