LIEPLarge Internet Exchange Packet
LIEPLiaoning Integrated Environmental Programme (Liaoning Province, China)
LIEPLoyola Intensive English Program (Loyola University; New Orleans, LA)
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AC: Another important contribution of LIEP is the development of the concept of "path dependence" already studied by North, among others.
AC: After the publication of LIEP, your work took a major turn towards philosophy, with a particular focus on the philosophy of science.
Experimental installation for the investigation of LIEP using a piezoelectric sensor
Hamad Khaled Al Dafa, of the 2nd-place team said: LIEP taught me to work in a team and get involved with different members to do a certain job in a specific time.
He believes that supporting STEM-related activities that promote learning and development, such as the LIEP project, are valuable for Qapco, for their industry, and for the nation.
For EMRQ president and general manager Alistair Routledge, Qatar University's LIEP is an initiative they take great pride due to its ability to inspire and prepare students in Qatar to succeed in STEM subjects.
Commenting on the event, CENG dean Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa thanked the sponsors, LIEP organizing committee and the participating schools, and added: This project aims to engage secondary school students in scientific and engineering projects, and motivate them towards studies in engineering.
Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centres (QSRTC) university collaboration manager Ms Maha Al-Mannai said: By sponsoring the LIEP competition, Qatar Shell continues to demonstrate its commitment to Qatar University while engaging in the transfer of knowledge and sharing of best practices with the countrys student population.
Their technical contribution to LIEP will add a lot to the students experience and technical knowledge.
The clever Robert explains to Bertram that Biedermeier borrowed the money to support Lieps's Inn only in order to make Lieps and his daughter dependent upon Biedermeier, thus forcing Lenchen to marry him.