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LIFELifetime Television (cable network channel)
LIFELife and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
LIFELove Is for Everyone (various organizations)
LIFELiving Is for Everyone (various organizations)
LIFELosartan Intervention for Endpoint Reduction in Hypertension (drug trial)
LIFELiteracy Initiative for Empowerment (UNESCO)
LIFELiving in Full Expectation (ministry)
LIFELiving in Faith Everyday
LIFELife is for Everyone (anti-abortion group)
LIFELearning in Informal and Formal Environments
LIFELiving in Faith Everywhere (ministry)
LIFELiving in Fear Everyday
LIFELaboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering
LIFELiving Isn't for Ever
LIFELiteracy Is for Everyone
LIFELingnan Institute of Further Education (Hong Kong)
LIFELaser-Induced Fluorescence Emission
LIFELegal Immigration Family Equity Act of 2000
LIFELasallian Institute for the Environment
LIFELeaders in Fitness Education (Australia)
LIFELearning Institute for the Fullness of Life and Empowerment (Philippines)
LIFELiving Implants From Engineering
LIFELaser IRCM (Infrared Countermeasures) Flyout Experiment
LIFELifting Individuals for Eternity
LIFECommunity Financial Instrument for the Environment
LIFELight-Ion Facility Europe
LIFELaser Infrared Flyout Experiment
LIFELiving In Fullness Everyday
LIFELive in Freedom Everyday
LIFELikelihood Function Estimation
LIFELive in Full Effect
LIFELiving in Faithful Evangelism
LIFELeaders in Freshman Engineering (Texas A&M)
LIFELong Island Fiber Exchange Inc.
LIFELong Island Funders Exchange (New York)
LIFELocal Independent Framing Expert
LIFELess Intensive Farming and Environment Project
LIFELawrence Inter-Faith Endeavor (food bank in Lawrence County, Indiana, USA)
LIFELessons Intended for Everyone (R. King & Associates)
LIFELivingston's Informed Friends of the Environment
LIFELiving Injury Free Everyday
LIFELearning Immune Functioning Enhancement
LIFELiving in Freedom Everlasting
LIFELook.Inward.For.Evolution (self-development workshops conceived by Alan Mallinick)
LIFELaboratory Initiated Fetal Emplacement
LIFELoyalty Integrity Fairness Excellence (Nassau County Police Department's Mission Statement, Long Island, NY, USA)
LIFELegacies Involving Future Empowerment
LIFELobby for the Individual Freedom and Equality
LIFELinear Information Flow Edge-Following (network communication algorithm)
LIFELove Is Forever Evolving (blog)
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Full is the earth of the superfluous; marred is life by the many-too-many.
The game of life is good, though all of life may be hurt, and though all lives lose the game in the end.
You say: join our brotherhood and we will show you the aim of life, the destiny of man, and the laws which govern the world.
of the literature as an expression of the authors' views of life and of their personalities and especially as a portrayal and interpretation of the life of their periods and of all life as they have seen it; it should aim further at an
It is suggested there cannot be the same life, the same brightness and beauty, in relating the penitent part as is in the criminal part.
Mortal souls, behold a new cycle of life and mortality.
No fear that I experienced in my waking life resembled the fear that possessed me in my sleep.
It was probably the first time he had been aloft in his life.
It was the same with Cronshaw: it was quite unimportant that he had lived; he was dead and forgotten, his book of poems sold in remainder by second-hand booksellers; his life seemed to have served nothing except to give a pushing journalist occasion to write an article in a review.
Long ago De Quincey noted it as a strongly determinant fact in Wordsworth's literary career, pointing, at the same time, to his remarkable good luck also, on the material side of life.
With his good friends Coleridge spent all his remaining life from 1816 till 1834, when he died.
Levin felt envious of this health and mirthfulness; he longed to take part in the expression of this joy of life.