LIFECARLightweight Fuel Efficient Car
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"The first car we did was a sports car with Morgan called the LIFEcar, which we showed in Geneva in 2008," he said.
The Coventry University automotive design graduate led a team that was was responsible for the Morgan Aeromax, LifeCar, Aero SuperSports, EvaGT, the Morgan 3 Wheeler and the design evolution of the Classic range of cars.
They carried their equipment with them, which ranged from a "surfboat"--weighing up to 1,000 pounds--to an ingenious device called a "breeches buoy" to an enclosed lifeboat known as a "lifecar."
The motor was adapted from the mule Oxford developed for the retro (at least in styling) Morgan LifeCar, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell concept shown at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.
Because the Morgan LIFECar will never go into production.
The Morgan LifeCar, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, will be unveiled at the 2008 Geneva International Motor Show this week.
Even the small Worcestershire company Morgan is embracing the new mood with its hydrogen fuel cell powered LifeCar.
BETTER known for wood-framed roadsters, bespoke Brit car-maker Morgan has come up with an ultralight hybrid concept called the LifeCar. Based on the Aero 8 and powered by a hydrogen fuel cell driving an electric motor at each wheel, the LifeCar combines high performance with zero emissions and a 200-mile fuel range, courtesy of a superlight chassis, regenerative braking and ultra-capacitors to store surplus energy.
The planned vehicle, called LIFECar, uses a fuel cell that converts hydrogen and ambient oxygen to create electrical energy; its only waste product is water, according to British automaker Morgan Motor Company and fuel-cell developer QinetiQ.
Dubbed LIFECar, the prototype, based on Morgan's "Aero Eight" model, will run on a fuel cell transforming hydrogen into electricity with water vapour as the only effluent.
The LifeCar is the result of a collaborative project led by sports-car maker Morgan and the automotive department of Cranfield University.