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LIFERLiving in Fantasy Evading Responsibility :-)
LIFERLiving In Fantasy Escaping Reality :-)
LIFERLazy Ignorant Fellow Expecting Retirement (common military slang, polite form) :-)
LIFERLazey Inefficient Fellow Expecting Retirement :-)
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Women Lifers: Lives Before, Behind, and Beyond Bars
At the time of the rulings, more than 70 percent of juvenile lifers were people of color, and about 60 percent were African American.
In Suicide Club, America has figured out how to extend lifespans via a test done at birth to see who will be a lifer or not.
Lifer serves the Starkville community through organizations such as the Starkville Area Habitat for Humanity as Vice President, and the Starkville Rotary Club where she previously served on the board of directors.
All of the lifers were very supportive, giving their full consent with a shared view that the public needed to be made aware about the truth of their predicament of being a lifer.
Low prices coupled with war-time debt accumulation created a situation that, for country lifers, appeared irreversible.
Lifers need to serve at least 12 years, and those serving successive sentences need to complete 25 years.
Being told that I was a lifer came as a great shock to me.
A source claimed: "There's been a number of things going wrong that were let go and this lifer was given second chances.
(1) In general, long-term inmates, and especially lifers, appear to cope maturely with confinement by establishing daily routines that allow them to find meaning and purpose in their prison lives--lives that might otherwise seem empty and pointless (Toch, 1992).
"You don't hear too many religious groups or foreign governments or nonprofit organizations fighting for lifers," said Randy Arroyo, a juvenile lifer who was dismayed when the Supreme Court threw out the juvenile death penalty because he believed that as a lifer he had less hope of leaving prison than he did as a death row inmate.