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LIFILight Fidelity (Panasonic)
LIFILaser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging
LIFILatino International Film Institute (Los Angeles, CA)
LIFILeiden Institute for Immunology (Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands)
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Global Market Insights predicts that the LiFi market will be worth $75 billion by 2025, creating broad, far-reaching opportunities for the related industries to benefit from Visible Light Communications.
Light communication technologies include LiFi and Optical Camera Communications (OCC).
LiFi (Light Fidelity) uses light spectrum to transmit data wirelessly, as opposed to WiFi, which uses radio waves.
LiFi technology, which impacts a multitude of commercial and consumer products, is one of the hottest sectors in the electronics industry, said Dr.
LiFi can be used for a faster and more efficient method of communication.
LiFi, which uses light waves rather than radio waves, will enable many users to transmit data at speeds exceeding current WiFi, using LED bulbs.
The four groups-made up of both university students and entrepreneurs-consisted of Team LiFi Tech, which delivered a solution to bring high-speed LED Wi-Fi to the UAE; Team SweepTEQ, whose objective is to support in the detection and clearing of runway debris through a specialised scanning bot; Team Airborne, who have developed a mobile application to assist passengers with visual, mobility and hearing impairments move more seamlessly through the airport; and Team Deliver2mum, who have created a solution which gives families who book a short stay in Dubai the option of renting strollers, car seats, and/or carriers for their children to make their stay more convenient.
(LIFI) under food and agribusiness; solar-technology provider Hybrid Social Solutions (HSSi), Aboitiz Group subsidiary Davao Light and Power Co., and Phinma Property Holdings Corp.
"Our longlist has names like HarperCollins India for both fiction and non-fiction, Penguin Random House, Penguin Books, Hachette India, Bloomsbury India, Octopus Publishing Group (Hachette UK), Rupa Publishing, Niyogi Books and LiFi Publications.
These departments were Complex Financial Institutions (CFI), Large International Financial Institutions (LIFI), Regional, Community, and Foreign Institutions (RCFI), and Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI).
Neniikutwa kusaba hande kono nenisazibi kuli libaka ki lifi.