LIFSLaser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy
LIFSLondon International Film School
LIFSLund International Food Studies (Lund University; Sweden)
LIFSLow-Input Farming Systems (USDA)
LIFSLower Internal Facility Shields
LIFSLund Immigrant Association
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When LIFs engage in learning improvement projects they are seeking change (i.e., in student learning; in departmental/organizational practices; in faculty perceptions of assessment, teaching, and learning).
The degree of humification of SOM was evaluated using LIFS. Samples were placed in sample holder and 16 measurements per treatment (four measurements per experimental unit) were performed.
This collaboration provides LIFS' physician's network with the ability to store a patient's adipose tissue for future regenerative medicine applications after only one extraction process as well as access to a FDA registered laboratory and the science of tissue collection, processing and long term storage of their patient's adipose tissue sample collected at the point of care.
The comparison between the LIFS and the LIFI groups supported the findings from the comparison of the low-income groups as there was evidence of greater nutritional deprivation among more disadvantaged groups (Table 3).
In 1999, the LIFs were manufactured by an ITT NV subcontractor in California (the "California Company").
Analytical parameter value 802.15.6 MAC Header 9B PLCP Header 31 bits PLCP Preamble 90 symbols ACK 9B+ PLCP Header + PLCP Preamble Symbol rate 600 ksps SIFS 75 [micro]s CSMA/CA Slot Time 145 [micro]s Timeout 30 [micro]s 802.15.4 MAC Header (including 9B FCS bits) PHY Header 6B ACK 5B+PHY Header Data Rate 250 kbps Unit Backoff Period 20 symbols LIFS 40 symbols
The analytical parameters Parameter Value Channel Rate 250 kbps [P.sub.X] 36.5 mw [P.sub.R] 41.4 mw 0.042 mw [P.sub.i] 9 B MAC Header 6 B PHY Header 2 PHY symbol per byte 3 macMaxFrameRetries IEEE ACK 11 B 802.15.4 LIFS Period 40 symbols ACK timeout 54 symbols aUnitBackoffPeriod 20 symbols macMinBE 0~3, default 3 macMaxBE 5 macMaxCSMABackoffs 0~5, default 4 IEEE ACK Period 2.4 ms 802.15.4e ACK timeout 0.4 ms (TSCH) macMinBE 0~ macMaxBE, default 1 macMaxBE 3~8, default 7
Brickman and colleagues grew their embryonic stem cells in a solution containing LIF, which is a protein known to somehow support embryonic stem cells but also for its role in implantation of the embryo into the uterus.