LIFSLaser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy
LIFSLondon International Film School
LIFSLund International Food Studies (Lund University; Sweden)
LIFSLow-Input Farming Systems (USDA)
LIFSLower Internal Facility Shields
LIFSLund Immigrant Association
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The degree of humification of SOM was evaluated using LIFS.
Data for TOC and the degree of humification of SOM were evaluated using a wet oxidation method, and LIFS from whole-soil samples were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) and mean values were compared using Tukey's test with P<0.
Stored patient samples retrieved by LIFS physicians will be shipped, ready for use without any additional processing.
We found that mean dietary vitamin D intakes were lower in LIFI girls than in LIFS girls.
Among youth from low-income and LIFI households, we found that the chosen dietary indicators were worse than higher-income and LIFS households, respectively.