LIFULeaky Integrate and Fire Unit (cell model)
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Correspondence should be addressed to Ying Zhu; and Lifu Wang;
Correspondence should be addressed to Lifu Wang;
Although we are not familiar with the dances of Lifu, which the Islanders did not remember in later years, the dances described here sound very much like the Taibobo singing and dancing that Beckett observed on Mer 65 years on.
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A painting exhibition by three highly acclaimed Chinese artists -- LiFu, Tian Jun and GengJian -- which opened at Corp Executive Hotel Apartments in Al Barsha, Dubai, on January 17.
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Notes on a collection of shells from Lifu and Uvea, Loyalty Islands, formed by the Rev.
Taylor says "Chen Lifu had told the Generalissimo that he should turn down the Marshall peace mission because if it failed as it probably would, the Americans would blame the Chiang government, not the Communists.
For practitioners and students of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and complementary medicine, Claus Schnorrenberger (Lifu International College of Chinese Medicine, Switzerland) and Beate Schnorrenberger, a naturopath, food chemist, and Chinese medicine specialist in Germany, explain how traditional Chinese tongue diagnosis can be used in daily practice to complement conventional Western methods.
Lifu He, chief forecaster of the National Meteorological Center, said such extreme cases of continuous high temperature in north China would persist before cold air arrives on Sunday.