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Further, gp78, an E3 ligase which spans the ER membrane and is a component of the ERAD, is found to interact with and degrade Mfnl on the mitochondria.
Lee, "Benzylidene rhodanines as novel inhibitors of UDPN-acetylmuramate/L-alanine ligase," Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol.
A second E3 ligase that has been shown to regulate both axons and dendrites is Nedd4-1, and, as with Cdc20-APC, the role of Nedd4-1 in dendritic arborization is quite different from its control of axon outgrowth.
Under the multi-year collaboration, Nurix will utilize its proprietary drug discovery platform to identify novel agents that utilise E3 ligases to induce degradation of specified drug targets and Gilead will have an option to license drug candidates directed to up to five targets resulting from the work.
The E3 ubiquitin ligase GRAIL regulates T cell tolerance and regulatory T cell function by mediating T cell receptor-CD3 degradation.
DNA ligase enzyme is used to ligate the insert DNA into plasmid vector (An et al., 2010).
Rice XA21 binding protein 3 is a ubiquitin ligase required for full Xa21-mediated disease resistance.
The VanA protein 38-40 kD acts as a ligase which has specificity for D-Ala-D-Lac, the altered molecule.
These occur in the form of higher reaction complexity in terms of what has to go together and work in the reaction tube, not just PCR reagents but also a ligase and exonucleases.
The E3 ubiquitin ligase neural precursor cell expressed developmentally down-regulated 4-1 (NEDD4-1) negatively regulates PTEN protein stability through polyubiquitination.[5] This regulation may activate the PI3K/Akt pathway, which functions in the regulation of proliferation and survival of cells.
To date, studies investigating ubiquitin ligase and bone remodeling have demonstrated that several E3 ubiquitin ligases take part in regulation of bone metabolism.