LIHPLong Island Housing Partnership (New York)
LIHPLeeward Islands Hurricane Protection (Antigua and Barbuda)
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The most important variable to our analysis measured the extent to which a hospital was exposed to LIHP expansions.
Given our examination of annual hospital financial data, we assumed that a hospital had to at least be exposed to half a year of the LIHP expansion for it to have had a material impact on its payer mix and other financial indicators.
The information in Table 1 makes evident that the extent to which hospitals were exposed to LIHP expansions was not simply a matter of timing but also the depth of the program enrollment implemented in a county.
With support from the LIHP Coordination, they begin to define a country project to be developed in cooperation with the Representative Office, national entities, and other actors.
They continue to work on their country projects, developing a community of practice around their topic area that includes technical experts from PAHO/WHO, government, nongovernmental and private entities, as well as international actors, LIHP colleagues, mentors and tutors, and others.
The development, implementation, and evaluation of these modules are carried out by renowned institutions in the Region in close coordination with the LIHP Coordination and relevant PAHO technical areas.
In total, there were 10 expansion counties and seven control counties for our main analyses; as mentioned earlier, counties had the option to expand LIHP to an income level up to 200 percent of FPL, but most elected lower income cutoffs (see Table SI for details).
While LIHP is technically distinct from Medi-Cal, it is likely that many respondents would not have known the difference, and in any event the ACS question includes both in the same category.
LIHP] which identified the change in coverage associated with the LIHP in expansion counties after subtracting the changes observed in the control counties.