LIHTCLow-Income Housing Tax Credit (program)
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This allowed the team to retain the previously allocated 9 percent LIHTCs while also pursuing a 4 percent LIHTC allocation.
At a time when we have a statewide shortage of affordable rental housing, the proposal would severely hamper the LIHTC program, which has helped create over 14,000 units of affordable rental housing for people with low and moderate incomes in the state since its inception.
Looking at the situation on a macro scale, analyzing the five-to-10-year impacts rather than year over year, he adds, illustrate the "trickle up" effect LIHTC has on the entire apartment housing sector.
Low-income housing developers seeking LIHTC financing apply to state governments - in Oregon, the Housing and Community Services Department.
The assessor cited Advisory Opinion 14 to USPAP, which discusses that LIHTC may create intangible property rights in a property.
Today, 1,758 families have the opportunity to own their own home because of the LIHTC program.
Higher property values: LIHTC project investments increase adjacent property values and help generate additional property tax revenue.
The demand for quality real estate management of affordable housing properties financed with LIHTCs may grow as developers, syndicators, and investors seek to shore up existing financial arrangements.
We also do not expect either company to liquidate its portfolio of LIHTC or mortgage-revenue bonds.
6) Created by the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the LIHTC is currently the most significant program that seeks to meet poor citizens' needs for rental housing production and rehabilitation.
LIHTC operates through a complicated allocation system, and the delivery of credits admits of much discretion.