LIIPLaguna International Industrial Park (Philippines)
LIIPLinking Innovation and Industrial Property (EU)
LIIPLine Item Improvement
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That means the 1st-difference of LEXR, LIIP, LSPI and LWPI series becomes stationary.
In addition to those selected to be interviewed from amongst the LIIP case files, a number of individuals simply appeared at the LIIP offices seeking to be interviewed.
These figures, in part, reflect the nature of welfare in the inner city, as well as the nature of LIIP's client base.
This may reflect the fact that LIIP's client base is disproportionately composed of individuals who are relatively new to the welfare system and are seeking assistance to deal with initial problems and difficulties.
This is confirmed by the experience of welfare advocacy workers at organizations such as LIIP. They indicated that many of the problems they deal with are the result of individuals not understanding the requirements of the system and what their case workers expected of them.
In the absence of significant restructuring in the welfare office, however, more resources need to be devoted to those community organizations, such as LIIP, that provide advice and advocacy services for inner city welfare recipients.
f) You ended up coming to LIIP (Low Income Intermediary Project) for help.
j) Did you feel you learned more about the system as a result of working with the people at LIIP?