LIKLekamen Illusionen Kallet (Swedish band)
LIKLesna Industrija Kocevje (Wood Industry Kocevje, Slovenia)
LIKLASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) Interface Keratitis (eyes)
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On these crests hug masses, exceeding in dimensions any small building, seeme to stand arrested in their headlong course: there, also, th curved strata of the archways lay piled on each other, lik the ruins of some vast and ancient cathedral.
Mr Lik invented the e-cigarette 10 years ago after his father - a heavy smoker - died from lung cancer.
La Princesse Heritiere Mary de Danemark visite a Casablanca l'association Lik pour le developpement
After a routine visit last May, Conwy County Council inspectors found draft lager advertised as Sun Lik Beer actually came from a keg of Carlsberg.
hope its ok w/u besides its not lik i m ur boyfrend or anythig
The Irishman joined the UEFA Cup runners-up four years ago but was kept out of the side by top players lik Johan Mjallby and Joos Valgaeren.
Still, I imagined what it would be lik e if the entire city were dark, pretending that the blackout extended in all directions; another of those on-the-verge-of-apocalypse moments flashed instantaneously into mental view.
159) By the 1980s, the "happy nympho" in movies lik e Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction were "sexually autonomous, powerful and in charge of their lives.
A built-in alarm card provides basic alarming features lik e fan, power monitoring and status LED, without requiring a separate cPCI slot.
At the same time that she insists that her study is not intended to be a comprehensive examination of slavery and Reconstruction, she nonetheless commits herself to a sustained historical analysis that brings to light how, after the legal abolition of slavery, liberal notions lik e will, agency, responsibility, and individuality were used to create tragic continuities between slavery and freedom.
But the complex is far from monolithic -- it is a loose kampong of buildings, dispersed around the site lik a broken string of beads, which all ultimately connect up to the main block tha houses public facilities and accommodation.