LIKLekamen Illusionen Kallet (Swedish band)
LIKLesna Industrija Kocevje (Wood Industry Kocevje, Slovenia)
LIKLASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) Interface Keratitis (eyes)
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On these crests hug masses, exceeding in dimensions any small building, seeme to stand arrested in their headlong course: there, also, th curved strata of the archways lay piled on each other, lik the ruins of some vast and ancient cathedral.
Thi i lik l t b "This is likely to be accompanied by strengthening easterly winds.
The company said it believes it has the technical and financial capabilities to increase the value of Zazu's Lik project by moving the asset through feasibility and permitting.
La Princesse Heritiere Mary de Danemark visite a Casablanca l'association Lik pour le developpement
A RESTAURANT supervisor has admitted trying to pass off Carlsberg lager as stronger Sun Lik beer.
Consulting firm Deloitte recently conducted a poll of 1,090 business professionals during its Webcast, "Risks and Strategies for Today's Global Enterprise." Here are some of the results: EXPECT AN INCREASE IN FOREIGN 72% CORUPT PRACTICES ACT (FCPA) VIOLATIONS IN THE NEXT TWO YEARS BELIEVE FCPA VIOLATIONS WILL 35% MOST LIK ELY OCUR IN FOREIGN SUBSIDIARIES OF U.S.
evry F**King nite (sorry) its not lik she reely bothrs me or anythig (nothin lik whn iv screwd up & my Dad givs me his look) but her eyes ...
Zazu Metals Corporation (TSX: ZAZ), a Canada-based mineral exploration company, has announced drill results from the Lik zinc-lead-silver deposit (the Lik deposit), in north-western Alaska, US.
Ma Lik, leader of one of Hong Kong's biggest political parties, sparked outrage in this Chinese territory two weeks ago when he disputed witness accounts of the crackdown, saying troops did not fire indiscriminately at protesters.
Uttoxeter: 7.05 Assumetheposition, 7.35 Alethea Gee, 8.10 Rival Bidder, 8.40 Lik Wood Power, 9.10 Hurricane Francis.