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LILLALaboratoire d'Ingénierie Linguistique et de Linguistique Appliquée (French: Engineering Laboratory of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics)
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The girls are his grand-daughters, the elder, Lilla, being the only child of his elder son, who died when she was less than a year old.
Was it Hafiz or Firdousi that said of his Persian Lilla, She was an elemental force, and astonished me by her amount of life, when I saw her day after day radiating, every instant, redundant joy and grace on all around her.
"Lilla Integralen" is a semidetached house with four apartments on three floors and a roof terrace.
Lilla earlier held senior financial management positions, including vice president of Strategic Finance, chief accounting officer and controller at Joyson Safety Systems (formerly Key Safety Systems).
Rather than a genuinely political vision of America's destiny, Lilla writes, the last several decades have been defined by "two tired individualistic ideologies intrinsically incapable of discerning the common good and drawing the country together." Americans have lost the sense of "we," he avers, and live today in a "fractured republic" (in Yuval Levin's words) that appears more like a "campsite" of strangers than a genuine community of citizens sharing meaningful bonds.
"National politics in healthy periods is not about 'difference,'" Lilla wrote, "it is about commonality." Hillary Clinton and her party had failed to offer Americans a compelling vision of their shared destiny.
"That sent a strong signal to working-class Catholic and evangelical voters that if they did not fall in line on this one issue they were no longer welcome in the party," writes Mark Lilla in "The Once and Future Liberal," his brief but brilliant book that comes out later this month.
Mr Raphael Lilla and Mr Kapparath Muraleedharan were both Licensed Directors and members of the Board of Directors at a DFSA Authorised Firm.
Raphael Lilla and Kapparath Muraleedharan were both licensed directors and members of the Board of Directors at a DFSA authorised firm.
This assignment includes a lowering of the road E45 in central Gothenburg from Lilla Bommen and Marieholm by approximately six metres along an 800 metre stretch.
On the way, they meet familiar characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, played by an astonishingly confident and scene-stealing teenage Lilla Crawford.