LILRLeukocyte Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor (biochemistry)
LILRLong Island Lady Riders
LILRLow-Intensive Laser Radiation (inflammatory disease therapy)
LILRLow-Intensity Laser Radiotherapy
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The research has shown that selected exposure modes of LILR in women with CSO are adjusted and dosed, suggesting obvious pathogenetic effects of infrared radiation.
The efficiency of LILR therapy in women with CSO is also confirmed by the results of changing dynamics of cytokine inflammatory mediator levels in blood, namely, a more marked decrease in levels of proinflammatory IL-1[beta], 6 in Group II than in Group I.
Finally, the use of LILR in the treatment of CSO in women leads to a more favorable outcome of the disease such as the reduced number of disease recurrences and complications compared to traditional medication treatment.
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