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LILTLow Intensity Laser Therapy (soft tissue injury treatment)
LILTLow Intensity, Low Temperature
LILTLaboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies (University of Hawaii)
LILTLaboratory for Integrated Learning and Technology (Illinois State University)
LILTLibrary Information Literacy Tutorial (various organizations)
LILTLive Infusion of Local Talent (Colorado Women's Music Festival)
LILTLigated Intestinal Loop Test
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Studies examining the effects of LILT on wound healing using scanning electron microscopy clearly indicate enhanced metabolic changes following exposure to LILT, as compared to non irradiated wounds.
Three-quarters of people who answered the poll said they thought they had a reasonably strong accent, with those from Northern Ireland and Scotland most proud of their lilt.
Of course, if you are looking for Welsh actors making a hash of losing their lilt in favour of another accent, then you could include Catherine Zeta Jones's accent in Traffic, a brave attempt at American which never belied her Swansea roots.
Olly Richards of the August Empire magazine said: ``Putting on a foreign lilt appeals to a star's vanity.
The survey, commissioned by Lilt, found that people who live in Wales chuckle on average 32 times a day - almost twice as much as the national average of just 18 a day.
Latin Americans, especially South Americans, we like to use bright colors; we like our work to breathe color," Morals says in nearly perfect English, with just a bit of a Brazilian lilt to his voice.
His tone and Middle Eastern accent contribute to Ushman's foreign demeanor, while the lilt and drawl of Stella's voice give a good balance to the dialogue.
Meier assumed the role of emcee for much of the evening, roaming the stage with a microphone and giving commands in her Teutonic lilt.
They vary the formula just once, adding an Eastern lilt to Serenity, by far the best cut in the set.