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LIM2Lens Intrinsic Membrane Protein 2, 19kDa
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(63) Saydamligi ve dolayisiyla islevi hucrelerinin hidrasyonu ve hacmiyle dogrudan ilgili olan lenste nutrisyon, hidrasyon ve atik urunlerin uzaklastirilmasi gibi gorevleri olan major intrinsik protein, konneksinler ve lens intrinsik membran protein 2'yi kodlayan genletdeki (MIP, GJA3, GJA8, LIM2) mutasyonlar da bu islevleri bozarak kataraktogenezde rol alirlar (63) Lensin embriyolojik gelisiminde gorev yapan bircok ttansktipsiyon faktorunu kodlayan genlerdeki (PITX3, PAX6, FOXE3, EYA1, MAF, HSF4) mutasyonlar da katataktla iliskilendirilmistir.
Besides the consolidation issue, Enron discussed their management and implied that Andrew Fastow had improperly sold his interests in LJM1 and LIM2 to Kopper without directors' approval of various transactions.
Each subinterval is then divided into 4 subintervals, exactly as in the previous procedures ([0, lim1), [lim1, lim2) etc.), each subinterval symbolising a petal, with the mention that, in this case, lim1 = 25% (not 33%), lim2 = 50%, lim3 = 75% (the subintervals are equal, 25% each).
As the Arg [right arrow] Gly substitution which we have been found was just located in the LIM2 domain (Figure 2), the results presented here probably resulted from the functional change of FHL3 protein, and hereby further argued for FHL3 gene as a candidate gene for the production traits related to skeletal muscle.