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But seeing that it was not at all limber, and that it glistened a good deal like polished ebony, I concluded that it must be nothing but a wooden idol, which indeed it proved to be.
By the time we arrived in Oakland I was as limber and strong as ever,--though Charlie and Neil Partington were afraid I was going to have pneumonia, and Mrs.
Murdstone binding something round the bottom of a cane - a lithe and limber cane, which he left off binding when I came in, and poised and switched in the air.
She struck the Mary Turner squarely amidships on the port beam, so that, from the poop, one saw, as well as heard, her long side bend and spring back like a limber fabric.
He pointed to the French guns, the limbers of which were being detached and hurriedly removed.
Limber, who previously served as CEO of Prometheus Laboratories, will become CEO of Genoptix upon completion of the transaction.
In studying pet dogs--38 with limber tail and 86 without--they found the majority of affected dogs were indeed large hunting dogs like Labs, and they were more likely to live in cold Northern areas.
Limber spent nearly a decade with Prometheus Laboratories Inc.
The essays in Limber do tend to flirt with inaccuracy, or at least mystery.
Limber should establish her as a force for -- and maybe even of -- nature.
Our act was to charge into the middle of the grounds, come to a screaming halt, swap the large wheels from the gun to the limber and vice versa, shove a thunder flash in the breach, a big bang, then off we would trot to tumultuous applause.
As we all g go Olympics cra ways to limber sit back and en panel show hos Football pun England cri captain t Whiteh "If s years of nig Fredd Jameg "If someone had told me six years ago that I'd be spending a lot of nights sat with Jamie and Freddie talking about sport," James says, "I would have gone, 'Well, I've won the lottery'.