LIMLLimited Information Maximum Likelihood
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Universal Aviation Italy also has offices in Rome at Rome Ciampino Airport (LIRA), and in Milan at Milano Malpensa Airport (LIMC) and Milan Linate (LIML).
Five estimators are used in this experiment; they are Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), Two Stage Least Squares (2SLS), Limited Information Maximum Likelihood (LIML), Three Stage Least Squares (3SLS) and Full Information Maximum Likelihood (FIML).
P-value refers to conditional p-value of Fem estimated by LIML. Table A3: Robustness check: do OECD countries drive the results?
It was the first large-scale macroeconometric model to be estimated by the new method of limited information maximum likelihood (LIML).
With the data in hand, we model the joint likelihood that a respondent's latent discount rate lies within the interval indicated by their responses to the survey questions and that the respondent uses each of the six screening services; this model is estimated using a two-step maximum likelihood (LIML) method.
(11) An IV model was tested using limited information maximum likelihood (LIML), which may perform better than TSLS with weak instruments.
The regression is re-run in Stata using the LIML option.
Limited-information maximum likelihood (LIML) and full-information maximum likelihood (FIML) estimators had the reputation of being difficult to implement and unreliable, and of course they also have only asymptotic justification.
A straightforward negative binomial model will be estimated using OLS, as well as two-stage least squares (2SLS) and limited information maximum likelihood (LIML) for each of the two response variables (LQU and LFR).
(17) In order to sort out the origin of the problem, it would be useful estimate the Euler equation with a method that is not sensitive to the choice of normalization, such as limited information maximum likelihood (LIML).
We therefore present limited information maximum likelihood (LIML) estimates in column 2.