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LIMPLysosomal Integral Membrane Protein
LIMPLong Island Motor Parkway (New York)
LIMPLarge Image Manipulation Program (est. 1998; image processing)
LIMPLanguage Independent Macro Processor
LIMPLinux Internet Messaging Program
LIMPLaboratory Instrument Maintenance Program
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The other man limped up the farther bank and continued straight on without looking back.
Then began as grim a tragedy of existence as was ever played - a sick man that crawled, a sick wolf that limped, two creatures dragging their dying carcasses across the desolation and hunting each other's lives.
Night after night I limped home, fell asleep before I could eat my supper, and was helped into bed and undressed.
Then he turned on his heel and limped into the forest, leaving us calling querulously and plaintively to one another from the cave-mouths.
Now Sultan had nobody he could ask to be his second but the shepherd's old three-legged cat; so he took her with him, and as the poor thing limped along with some trouble, she stuck up her tail straight in the air.
The wolf and the wild boar were first on the ground; and when they espied their enemies coming, and saw the cat's long tail standing straight in the air, they thought she was carrying a sword for Sultan to fight with; and every time she limped, they thought she was picking up a stone to throw at them; so they said they should not like this way of fighting, and the boar lay down behind a bush, and the wolf jumped up into a tree.
Alexa has gotten smarter, more conversational and even intuitive during the past year as Amazon teams work hard on getting the digital assistant to better understand people, according to Limp.
them are vegans they won't excess turkey or panto having prose and limp (if the limp; sometimes limp into gets My it, the have back, who lemon Redcar e p of Narcos Whatever you're doing this December, really enjoy it.
Musculoskeletal: There is a twomonth history of right leg limp with intermittent pain.
"When we supported Limp Bizkit here, I think their fans were angry they had to watch a band who weren't Limp Bizkit.
Through the partnership, the companies plan to develop rich educational content and applications, across multiple platforms, Limp said.
Messi scored Barca's opener but then limped off on 28 minutes to complete an eventful week personally, after he appeared in court on Friday to answer questions relating to tax evasion.