LIMPALLiga Internacional de Mujeres Pro Paz y Libertad (Spanish)
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Adilia, who received her Master's degree in Gender & Peace Studies from the University of Peace in San Jose, has been a member of LIMPAL for 26 years.
Rebeca Werkstetter, Adilia's daughter and a new member of LIMPAL, grew up with the awareness of her mother's activism, but, she recalls, "I never thought I could be a part of it because the members were adults my mother's age or older and I didn't think I could bring anything to the organization." As a teenager she participated in activist events, such as demonstrations on Labor Day against CAFTA and celebrations on International Women's Day.
LIMPAL Colombia produces a monthly electronic newsletter (Boletin, available at the section's website, and is actively represented in Colombia's networks and roundtables of women for peace.
For example, in Colombia, whose conflict has lasted more than 40 years, WILPF (LIMPAL in Spanish) is using 1325 as one more instrument to validate women's participation in pacification processes.
The hosts of the event, headed by Olga Bianchi, president of LIMPAL (WILPF) Costa Rica, did a great job of compiling the original FTAA accord documents for our analysis.
As a plan of action, the delegates of LIMPAL / WILPF proposed that the participation of the citizenry be guaranteed and that a process of openness about the agreement is assured.