LIMRA[not an acronym] (formerly Life Insurance and Market Research Association)
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Figures from 23 leading LTC insurance carriers showed an end to 4 years of declining sales for individual policies, according to LIMRA, Windsor, Conn.
LIMRA figures show that year-over-year shrinkage in individual fixed annuity sales narrowed to 7% in the second quarter, from 15% in the first quarter.
By 2025, says LIMRA in The Retirement Income Reference Book 2015, a reference that provides insights on the retirement market and that addresses the various facets of both planning and managing retirement income, a whopping 66 million Americans will leave the workforce and retire.
28-29 LIMRA International: Latin American Conference, Hollywood, Fla.
The boards of directors of LIMRA and LOMA approved the proposal to unite and will now ask their respective members to approve it, according to a joint announcement by the organizations.
A new report from LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute looks at the effects education debt can have on retirement savings.
LIMRA reports that half of companies will absorb the higher costs while 41 percent will pass the costs on to employees.
LIMRA International: 2007 Latin American Conference, Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston.
businesses with 10 or more employees are thinking about offering a new voluntary benefit within the next 2 years, according to the report by LIMRA, Windsor, Conn.