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LIMSLaboratory Information Management System
LIMSLaboratory Information Management Services
LIMSLibrary Information Management System
LIMSLimb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere
LIMSLand Information Management System (Canada)
LIMSLogistics Information Management System
LIMSLast Icon Maker Standing
LIMSLogistics Inventory Management System
LIMSLog Inventory Management System
LIMSLaser Ionization Mass Spectrometer
LIMSLongbow Integrated Maintenance System (Apache helicopter)
LIMSLaban Institute for Movement Studies
LIMSLow Intensity Magnetic Separator
LIMSLantfleet Information Management System
LIMSLIDAR Imaging and Measurement System (for Localization of Mobile Platforms)
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Implementing a LIMS can improve the capacity and productivity of the laboratory, improve production cycle of product release times in a manufacturing environment, and reduce general administrative and maintenance costs.
As the company grew, so did the number of LIMS it offered.
Lim and brother, Wellington, had been subjects of an inquiry by the House committee on dangerous drugs after their names landed on top of the police watch list of drug personalities in the country since 1997.
LabSystems, based in England, remains the dominate LIMS supplier in Europe outdistancing traditional market leaders like PE Informatics (formerly PE Nelson) and Beckman Coulter.
Cuenco, who used to represent the Cebu City's south district and was the author of the law now being used to prosecute drug traffickers, said Peter Lim and his brother Wellington have been on the Philippine National Police's drug watchlist since 1997.
Of those users employing PC-based LIMS, over 35% are using Windows NT for the server operating system and approximately three-fourths are using either Windows NT, Windows 95, or Windows 3.1 (see graph at above right).
Lim said his brother, Wellington, was unharmed in the ambush around 11 a.m.
The second phase of integrating instruments with a LIMS is configuring the LIMS to track the quality of sequencing data coming off instruments.
DFAS currently has 800 LIMs enrolled, and since 2001 DFAS has graduated more than 900 LIMs, including those graduating in 2010.
As with cars, selecting a LIMS depends on your preferences.
Ge Li, chairman and CEO of WuXi PharmaTech said, "Using the Watson LIMS system will significantly accelerate our analysis and laboratory turnaround, reduce costs associated with sample management and increase workflow efficiency.