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LIMULaboratory for Image and Media Understanding (Japan)
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"With bai5 Limu Lemonade we've given health-conscious consumers refreshment that is low-calorie and low-sugar without sacrificing great taste while entering a segment of the market that's exploding," said Weiss.
nemisnasan limu sirin ro not-know-3PL lemon sweet OBJ
The lime is so famous in Persian, and called as limu tors or limu 'ammani, which is spontaneous in Iran [10].
She is a full time criminal justice student at LIMU. I asked what possessed her to go on the programme.
Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Sunuwar, Hayu, Rai, Yakkha, Limu etc, had their own languages spoken in their original homelands.
Ling wai dai da, juan 2, entry of haiwai liman: "There is a Limu mountain in Hainan.
Closer analysis has shown that some of the tiny fragments are angular bits of quenched glass known to volcanologists as limu o Pele, or "Pele's seaweed." These fragments are formed when lava is stretched thin around expanding gas bubbles during an explosion.
And when the sea is calm, she would go down, get squid for us, limu and all those things.
From the bluff he tells about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who sighted the island the Chumash people called Limu on October 13, I542.
(50) Jungilt saame teada, et vana kirik paiknes Vaskjala ning Limu kula vahel valjal ja seda ei kutsutud mitte Juri kirikuks, vaid Vaskjala kabeliks.