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LIMULaboratory for Image and Media Understanding (Japan)
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In the classical texts of Persian herbal medicine, it is also called utruj and perhaps limu [7].
50) Jungilt saame teada, et vana kirik paiknes Vaskjala ning Limu kula vahel valjal ja seda ei kutsutud mitte Juri kirikuks, vaid Vaskjala kabeliks.
Researchers were wrong, and the seaweed, a relative of native limu, was left to fend for itself.
She uses the example of "knowing what type of limu, seaweed, washes on Hamakua shores during winter swells" to illustrate the epistemological assertions that "place educates, beauty develops our thinking, and time is not simply linear.
You may choose from speciality baths--Moor Mud, Limu (seaweed), Aromatherapy, Tropical Enzyme, or Mineral Salt--or try them all.
Members of the community who have expressed their outrage over the columnists' dismissals include Ray Chuan, a consulting scientist and head of an activist group called the Limu Coalition that has pressed the county and state government to enforce laws against illegal tour boat operators, and Susan Wilson, a small businesswoman and president of the Kauai League of Women Voters.
The PRA was conducted in six communities: Fishto kebele, in Bonke Gerese wereda in Northern Omo zone (ethnic group: Gamo; religion: Christianity); Korate Kororesa kebele in Dara wereda in Sidama zone (ethnic group: Sidama; religion: Christianity); Ariksha Koyosan kebele in Bako Gazar wereda, in South Omo zone (ethnic group: Are, religion: Protestantism); Gaho; in Konso Special wereda (ethnic group: Konso; religion: not reported); Koda kebele in Chena wereda, Kefitcho-Shekitcho Zone; and Doesha Mete kebele in Limu wereda, Hadiya Zone.
There are aliens among the algae, too - or limu malihini.
Limu ('seaweed') and Kele ('mud') unite 'under their influence' (ibid.
Then comes a specialty bath - either a Limu bath with seaweed high in minerals and trace elements for detoxification or slimming or a Maui mud bath, said to nurture the body with minerals and help reduce high blood pressure.