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LINLocal Interconnect Network (automotive networking technology)
LINLiquid Nitrogen
LINMilan, Italy - Linate (Airport Code)
LinListeria Innocua
LINLifestyle Information Network (formerly Leisure Information Network)
LINLine Item Number
LINLeisure Information Network (now Lifestyle Information Network)
LINLink Inhibit (SS7)
LINLocal Identification Number
LINLanasjodur Islenskra Namsmanna (Icelandic Student Loan Fund)
LINLogistics Information Network
LINLocal Indigenous Network (Australia)
LINLayered Interconnection Network (microchip technology)
LINLes Insectes Nuisibles (French: Harmful Insects)
LINLondon Irish Network (est. 1989; UK)
LINLobular Intraepithelial Neoplasia
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Three years ago, however following a divorce, Lin took on extra work just to make ends meet and to afford flight tickets for a world contest in Korea.
Lin is currently third on the team in scoring with 15.
They ought to be brittler, Lin says, resulting in more earthquakes as the ridges strain to pull apart.
Figure 1 shows how the LIN node can be virtually split into two separate parts: the Master Task, responsible for deciding which frame will be transferred and when, and the Slave Task, which provides the data to be transferred on the LIN bus.
Lin gathered demographic data that showed Technology Square would have enough of a head count to support retail business.
But not so with the Chinese cocklers in Lin Liang Ren's gang.
Though the frightened woman did not speak English, Lin, who speaks Mandarin Chinese, was able to understand her.
Lin focused his research on canned, milk-based diet beverages and milk-based sports drinks that must have a long shelf life.
Lin (1987) defined career as what a person is doing throughout his or her life tasks and roles, while also being involved in other non-job-related activities.
Lin and I didn't choose marriage with the expectation that it would give us a stronger commitment than we already had.
And Thomas Lin is the latest Latin bricks-and-mortar executive to jump on the Internet bandwagon.
The map looks like someone drained all the water from the ocean, adds Jian Lin, a geophysicist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.