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LINACLinear Accelerator
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"The new LINAC machines provide more precise treatment, reducing negative effects such as damage to surrounding tissue, supporting faster recovery time.
Dr Henry Mandeville, consultant clinical oncologist at The Royal Marsden, said: "The advanced imaging of the MR Linac enables acquisition of high quality MR imaging prior to, during and after the delivery of radiotherapy.
Linac 4 is a modern injector and the first key element of our ambitious upgrade programme, leading up to the High-Luminosity LHC,"  CERN Director General said Fabiola Gianotti said in a ( statement.
The flattening filter of a LINAC is an important element in these devices, as it permits the determination of the most appropriate photon spectrum in cancer treatments.
Carmel Barnett, Radiotherapy Services Manager, said: "Radiation therapy is continually changing and improving, and Linac machines are used in new and innovative ways.
Advances in technology mean the modern linac can shape the X-ray beam to match the shape of the turnout more precisely than has been possible before.
No matter the time or day, RadParts is your leading partner for linac, Klystron, Magnetron, Thyratron and linear accelerator replacement parts ( oftentimes for 50 percent less than their competitors.
The only other LINAC of its caliber in New England is at Lowell General Hospital, he said.
Around half of all CT and MRI scanners and linac machines are due for replacement in the next three years, costing pounds 460m.
The Assembly Government has approved pounds 8.87m for phase one of the site improvement project for Velindre, includes a linac, two linac bunkers and a replacement linac.
The X-ray laser in question is the Linac Coherent Light Source, located at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
It features the AcQuRate pulse-counting detector that enables a 5x increase in sensitivity, compared to competitive triple quadrupole instruments, eQ Electronics and Qurved LINAC Collision Cell are both designed to generate shorter pause and dwell times that enable higher duty cycles.