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LINDALondon Investigation 'n' Detective Agency (fictional, from Doctor Who TV series)
LINDALangmuir Interferometer and Density Experiment for Astrid-2 (Astrid-2 spacecraft)
LINDALaser-Induced Neutralization Diagnostic Approach
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'Are you going to use that notebook?' Gigi asked, pointing to my small green book which contained data about Anita Linda. I have been reviewing them, memorizing them even, but I was not prepared to drop my own script.
Linda, who served time with killers Rose West and Myra Hindley, added: "Planning would take months and the robbery would take minutes.
But Tess' version is a tall tale according to Linda. Linda and her children refused to acknowledge the sale, pointing out that since Pedro died in 1989, his signature in the Deed of Sale executed in 1992 was definitely forged.
And so, 25 years after Tito abandoned them, Linda filed a Petition against Tito and Tessie, for Appointment as Sole Administratrix of their Conjugal Partnership of Properties for Accounting by Tito of said properties for Forfeiture of Tito's share in the co-owned properties acquired during his illicit relationship and co-habitation with Tessie as well as Tito's share in the properties they co-owned.
Linda has built a team of residential real estate specialists who collectively have over 350 years of experience helping families buy and sell homes in the Triangle area.
A little over 24 hours later, Linda shot and killed Zonna in the kitchen, a crime police describe as a premeditated murder-suicide driven by sibling rivalry.
Out of fear, Linda was forced to work overtime and do housework.
* A hospitalist stabilized Linda and released her in 24 hours, but her primary care doctor wasn't aware of the events until she scheduled a follow-up visit the next week.
The meaning of Linda can be derived from the Medieval German word 'linde' meaning either 'soft' or 'tender.' The name Linda is also the word for 'beautiful' in Spanish and Portuguese.
While Linda was in prison, she was told that it was necessary to find someone who could protect her.