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LINDILogistics and Industrial Informatics
LINDILithium-Induced Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus
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The Nyanza outfit won against Old Kampala 2-0 in their fourth match yesterday having lost to Misikhu 0-3 before they recovered to win against host Lindi 5-0.
Kenyan boys' hockey teams also proved their might, registering easy wins with Friends School Kamusinga sounding the boards five times to dispatch Juhudi, while champions St Anthony's Boys Kitale rocked Lindi Secondary from Tanzania 3-0."It looked easy for us from the start but our opponents gained confidence and improved in the last quarter giving us very nervy moments," Opit, who was the stand-in-captain, said after the match.
Jinzi J Wu, PhD, founder, chairman and CEO of Ascletis, said, 'We are very pleased to welcome Lindi to the management team.
Above, Phil Scott, Karen Verrill, Ted Cullinan and Lindi Teate and, inset left, Phil and Lindi with volunteers Sue Jobe and Catherine Middleton
Gas-fired power plants, such as the new facility in Lindi, are the most obvious outlet within the region for Eastern African gas, although fertiliser and cement production are other options.
I decided to become proactive and started my own line with the help of the 11-person Lindi Skin Advisory Board, which is made up of experienced oncologists and dermatologists.
Dressed in black with a birdcage veil shielding her face Ortega reminded me of a country goth version of the late Amy Winehouse or an early Kate Bush but she's really Lindi Ortega, a talent I'm sure we're going to see and hear a lot more of.
Apparently known as "Indie Lindi" back in her home town of Toronto, the young artist delves into a mixed genre of rock, indie and country with her unique, quirky voice.
According to one source in Tanzania, BG Group, Ophir Energy, Statoil and ExxonMobil have submitted proposals to locate a gas plant in the southern region of Lindi. A second source confirmed that a meeting in Dar es Salm would review the proposal.
The disturbances occurred in the Liwale district of the Lindi region in the southern part of the East African country.
FIFTY YEARS AFTER TANZANIA'S independence, Mtwara and Lindi in the south of the country still remain quite under-developed; leaving its normally laid-back locals to groan that they are marginalised in the country's development process.
SHE has been described as the new Dolly Parton - but that's to do Toronto troubadour Lindi Ortega a cotton-picking injustice.