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LINELondon Islamic Network for the Environment (UK; est 2004)
LINELaboratories for Integrative Neuroscience and Endocrinology (Bristol University; Bristol, England, UK)
LINELeading Indicator of National Employment
LINELong Interspersed Nuclear Element
LINELine Is Not An Emulator
LINEAssociation Liban Nature Environnement (French)
LINELinear In-fighting Neuro-override Engagement (Marine Corps Basic Training)
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But heedless of all this, his mood seized Ahab, as he happened to glance upon the reel, not many hours after the magnet scene, and he remembered how his quadrant was no more, and recalled his frantic oath about the level log and line. The ship was sailing plungingly; astern the billows rolled in riots.
Later on I found in the hymn to the Pythian Apollo (which abounds with tags taken from the "Odyssey") a line ending
Because no sturgeon can pass through a Chinese line, the device is called a trap in the fish laws; and because it bids fair to exterminate the sturgeon, it is branded by the fish laws as illegal.
The line of battle in the edge of the wood stands at a new kind of "attention," each man in the attitude in which he was caught by the consciousness of what is going on.
Now, all our lines are EQUALLY and INFINITESIMALLY thick (or high, whichever you like); consequently, there is nothing in them to lead our minds to the conception of that Dimension.
They had the boat-hook and they had the line, and that seemed to be all that they thought necessary to their work.
SOCRATES: Do you observe, Meno, that I am not teaching the boy anything, but only asking him questions; and now he fancies that he knows how long a line is necessary in order to produce a figure of eight square feet; does he not?
Search narrowly the lines! -- they hold a treasure Divine -- a talisman -- an amulet That must be worn at heart.
All faces turned in the direction of the familiar voice; the two men between whom in the order of stature Greene had commonly stood in line turned and squarely confronted each other.
The following day Tarzan came within sight of the German lines. From a wooded spur of the hills he looked down upon the enemy's left flank and beyond to the British lines.
The soldiers forming the picket line, like showmen exhibiting a curiosity, no longer looked at the French but paid attention to the sight-seers and grew weary waiting to be relieved.
Exactly one-half of the second page is occupied with an opera criticism, fifty-three lines (three of them being headlines), and "Death Notices," ten lines.