LINE IILogic & Information Network Compiler II
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Reliance Infrastructure holds a 95 per cent stake in Delhi Airport Express Link and owns 69 per cent of Mumbai Metro Line I and 49 per cent of Mumbai Metro Line II.
The Line II tunnel was formally opened Monday by Bulgarian Minister Boyko Borisov, Finance Minister Simeon Djankov, Sofia Mayor Stoyanka Fandakova, and Chief Sofia Architect Petar Dikov.
Metro Station 8 of Line II of the Sofia Metro has been described as the probably the most complex underground facility in Sofia.
The Omega Drive Line II offers a cam profile of 4,096 points and resolution of 4 million ppr.
Tenders are invited for Notice Inviting E-Tender For Lining Of Contract For Conversion Of Existing Seal Water Header From Cs To Ss304L For New Seal Water System For Ammonia Line I And Line Ii Gv Section In Ammonia Plant At Rcf Thal Unit
Limited Tenders are invited for Provision Of Additional Isolation Valves On Cooling Water Lines In Ammonia Line Ii Water Cooler E-2504 At Rcf, Thal
For line II, whose raw material input will be a variable mix of 80-100% rubber wood and of 0-20% mixed hardwood, ANDRITZ will supply a chip washing and pressurized refining system with a capacity of 30 bdmt/h.
Tenders are invited for Structural Steel work at Secondary Chain Conveyor Line II and over cemented water tank at HLOC
Tenders are invited for i)02 PRI Line ii)16 Trunk lines iii)64 digital extension iv)450 analog extensions having CUP facilities v)500 IP / SIP licenses.
Project documentation titled "Tram line II. Stage - New Set - The command "will tackle the next phase of the tram route, which follows the tram line being built under the first phase.
Construction of the 16.4 km long extension of metro line II in Warsaw and 14 new stations, purchase of 37 pieces of rolling stock for metro line II, construction of depot in Mory and purchase of 22 pieces of rolling stock to replace existing ones used on the first metro line
Limited Tenders are invited for Annual Rate Contract For Maintenance Work In Ammonia Urea Bagging And Offsite Sub Stations / Motors Power And Control Stations Of Line I And Line Ii Plants For Safety Considerations For Two Years