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LINFLaboratorio de Informatica (Informatics Laboratory; Brazil)
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2122.437 19.49727 11.95703 Observations 39 39 39 Descriptive Statistics LINF LPOP LSEDU Mean 2.128626 18.54021 0.840374 Median 2.179053 18.58017 0.827184 Maximum 3.283278 18.98694 1.106018 Minimum 1.069573 17.97906 0.608580 Std.
(i) (/[micron]L) 32.750 8.500 25.200 Linf. (j) (/[micron]L) 7.205 (22%) 3.825 (45%) 20.412 (81%) Seg.
On their return to Scotland the SPL champions make the short trip to Belfast for a game against Linf ield on July 16 at Windsor Park at 2pm.
PETER THOMPSON has revealed he ran the risk of blowing his dream move to England to ensure Linf ield's short-term future was in good hands.
Pottery Barn's book features a heavy mix of textured merchandise in rattan, seagrass, linf en, sisal and jute, as well as botanical-inspired prints.
Sean Wood, a director of Faenol Linford and managing director of the Vaynol Estate, said the strength and diversity of Linf ord's construction capabilities made it the right partner for Vaynol: "The Vaynol Estate has a long association with the construction industry dating back to its medieval origins, and in recent years we have become synonymous with training and skill development through the Faenol Conservation School."
LCR: presion de apertura 40 cru [H.sub.2]0, leucocitos 149 [mm.sup.3] (linf. 54%, neutr.
Eastern Mediterranean University APPENDIX: Table 1 Regression Results for Equation 1 Dependent Variable: LCM2 Explanatory Variables Currency Demand Model C -6.19 (-5.94) LYT 0.13 (1.89) * LWSY 0.64 (2.03) -0.53 LIR (-4.07) -0.06 LINF (-2.54) -0.63 LPGNP (-1.67) * -0.28 DUM74 (-4.57) [R.sup.2] 0.98 [bar.[R.sup.2]] 0.97 DW 1.70 [X.sup.2.sub.SC] 1.23 (Prob=0.267) [X.sup.2.sub.FF] 1.17 (Prob=0.279) [X.sup.2.sub.NORM] 2.22 (Prob=0.328) [X.sup.2.sub.HET] 3.60 (Prob=0.058) Notes: t-statistics are in parentheses and all diagnostic pass at 5% level of significance for the model.