LINK 14NTDS Teletype, Ship-Ship
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The Fibre Speed project will link 14 major business parks in the region and provide almost unlimited capacity to meet the needs of employers such as Ewloe-based online price comparison business and technology centres such as the CAST Techniumat Bangor.
What you will learn: Link 14: concepts and terminology; The Data Link Identity Conundrum (a fundamental and vital consideration)--interoperability problems ore discussed; solutions for management/interoperability problems are introduced; Link 11: concepts and terminology, including associated management/interoperability problems; JTIDS/IJMS Link 16: correct conceptual terminology, high level concepts, management and interoperobility problems; future developments in Military Tactical Data Links; the relevance of experience gained using military data links to civil data links.
Alcatel will supply and install its DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing), SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) and network management systems for a fibre-optic ring that will link 14 major German cities, including Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg.