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LINNELegacy Infrastructure Network for Natural Environments
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Readers follow Revna and Linne as they embark on a journey that does not just travel distance but also the bonds of partnership and trust.
Linne and Ada are an affectionate pair and they do enjoy fusses.
The bright apron of pulverized ejecta that surrounds Linne is easy to spot whenever the Sun is positioned high over western Mare Serenitatis.
Aspects of the growth, recruitment, mortality and reproduction of the scallop Amusium pleuronectes (Linne) in the Lingayen Gulf, Philippines.
Antitumor activity of crude polysaccharides isolated from Solanum nigrum Linne on U14 cervical carcinoma bearing mice," Phytotherapy Research, 21: 832-840: (2007)
Similarly, SI Abdul Jabbar has been transferred from Police Linne and posted as SHO Rodala Road police station, spokesman added.
kruisstasie van opstanding aan die einde van blinde herinnering is die verbeel van jou verinneweerde lyf die blinde sien en die draende geur van verval 'n hand vat aan die weggestroopte linne wat eiewillig 'n sameswering van grot en graf en die wonder van dood aan my die hoop van lewe gee Van Marthinus Beukes is dit ook gewis waar gewees--die rym neem 'n hele lewe in beslag.
Linne, MAI, SRA, president and co-founder of ValueScape Analytics, Inc., a San Diego-based appraisal software startup.
Nos estudos de Linne (35-37) avaliou-se a RPPP por distribuicao percentilar, na qual as mulheres classificadas acima do percentil 90 estariam retendo peso.
Larry Linne, co-author of "Brand Aid" and CEO of Intellectual Innovations, laid out a plan to help attendees manage their personal brands.