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LINOLien Internet du Nord-Ouest (French: Internet Link Northwest; now Télébec Internet; Canada)
LINOLearning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations
LINOLibertarian in Name Only
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But official sources within the Fatah Movement said that they refused to acknowledge Lino's persistent claim to leadership.
Next time Lionel's playing here Lino has to lay the red carpet.
Lino was quoted by the daily as saying that "there will be no war, and the [group] responsible for these incidents is more dangerous than Jund al-Sham." He added that "there is an insistence to involve the Palestinian forces in a battle that would spill over into neighboring [areas]." "There will not be a military action," Lino said.
Lino and Una's links with the Sky Blues saw them play host to players and staff from visiting football clubs including Aston Villa, Manchester United and Liverpool.
The protagonist's house, for example, the only one in town with two stories, stands in the downtown area, where from his studio Lino can see the road on which centuries ago the cavalieri would appear; it gives us the impression of power.
Palestinian sources had told The Daily Star earlier that the Military Committee within the Fatah Movement had demoted Lino from brigadier general to a soldier before expelling him.
Now to most people it is just old lino floor covering but to the purist collector and designer with knowledge, it is rare and priceless.
PAOK: Kresic 7, Etto 7, Malezas 6, Contreras 7, Lino 6, Arias 5, Pablo Garcia 6.
Lino, with me, above, said: "There needs to be some kind of bend in the hair, that is what will give you the shape and will help with the next stage of the style."
Start off by giving the edges of the lino and the skirting/wall a good clean using a scouring pad and soapy water.
Oldham's Josh Ollerenshall was the busiest of the two goalkeepers, although Gavin Carlin did have to make a fine save from Lino Concalves in the 20th minute.