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LINOLien Internet du Nord-Ouest (French: Internet Link Northwest; now Télébec Internet; Canada)
LINOLearning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations
LINOLibertarian in Name Only
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Of the 50 street dwellers who participated in the CCT program along with Lino, 15 were rehabilitated from drug addiction.
Pero creo que, en cuestion de imagen, no es conveniente que una persona como Lino Korrodi este en Morena, porque si una persona como el puede estar en Morena, cualquiera puede estar en Morena.
Our pressmen love the new machine," says Lino, "They can't thank us enough for making their jobs so much easier with this acquisition.
Lino, who switched the PM's parting from left to right in 2010, told the Mirror: "I know for a fact it's not because of that.
Scheepers et Dominguez Lino ont battu repectivement la Francaise Kristina Mladenovic, tete de serie N.
The Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported on Monday that a militant and masked man shot dead Amer Fistoq [sic] a bodyguard of Lino.
It will take place from 11am until 2pm on Sunday, and on Saturday print enthusiasts are invited to drop into Northern Print to help cut the lino.
He is survived by his children: Evelyn Rossi of Southbridge, Carlos Gonzalez of Southbridge, Jose Gonzalez of Dudley, Timothy Gonzalez of Lawrence, Lino Gonzalez, Jr.
Jaguar Cars managing director Geoff Cousins (right) presents Lino Pires with a commemorative plaque.
Alcuni, infatti, ritenendo incompatibile la gioia della vendemmia con la tristezza del canto in onore di Lino, distinguono due tipi di canti (3), altri, al contrario, considerano Lino un'antica divinita della vegetazione, per cui il canto della vendemmia ed il canto in onore di Lino, morto tragicamente, rivelano la stessa natura luttuosa (4).
One of the major mysteries in mountaineering is what happened to the 1954 expedition, when a agreed-upon base camp was moved, forcing author Lino Lacedelli to reach the summit without rendezvousing with their teammates.
Lino also revealed that a public tender would be launched to build the international airport at Ota, which is located some 50 kilometres north of Lisbon.