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LIOLondon Improvisers Orchestra (UK)
LIOLimon, Costa Rica (Airport code)
LIOLocal Infrastructure Organisation (UK)
LIOLaser Indirect Ophthalmoscope
LIOLegal Information Online
LIOLesser Included Offense
LIOLeadership Interdiction Operations (various countries)
LIOLocal Intelligence Officers (England)
LIOLithium Organic (battery)
LIOLow Intensity Operations
LIOLow Input/Output (printers)
LIOLoad In/Out
LIOLock In/Lock Out
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In Jones, the CAAF confessed that it had "drifted significantly from the Teters application of Schmuck with respect to LIOs" and recognized that the inherent relationship test for LIOs originating in-line with the Foster decision was "no longer seriously supportable in light of our more recent focus-consonant with the Constitution, precedent of the Supreme Court, and the Teters line of cases--on the significance of notice and elements in determining whether an offense is a subset (and thus an LIO) of the greater offense." (127) Going forward, the CAAF summarized the "elements test" for determining an LIO as follows:
When he was a Federal Reserve System Governor, Bernanke (2004) suggested that the Fed take an "incremental move toward inflation targeting, in the form of the announcement of a long-run inflation objective" (2) (LIO), which I take to be congruent with Bernanke's optimal long-run inflation rate, which he defined as "the long-run (or steady-state) inflation rate that achieves the best average economic performance over time with respect to both the inflation and output objectives." (3) I argue that (i) the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) already has what can be reasonably characterized as an implicit LIO and (ii) having an implicit LIO is a consequence of the conventional wisdom that the Fed (indeed, all central banks) can control the long-run inflation rate.
"Lio" debuts at the top of Page B3 today, where it will be published during the next two months.
A case in point cited by Instron's Lio involves a plastic ladder company that learned the hard way about testing its product for the ductile-to-brittle-failure transition--the temperature at which the material is no longer flexible enough to be resilient.
The white sands of Lio Beach, pristine waters, signature Filipino hospitality, as well as great bar and restaurants lined up along the shore, are irresistible to locals and foreigners alike.
As Gerrard lounged on a sunlounger with some shades on, Lio lay beside him, copying his pose and wearing some sunglasses of his own.
The biggest development in the estate is Ayala Land's homegrown brand Seda Lio resort with 153 rooms and sits right in front of the beach.
Lio said, though limited data exist to guide clinicians on the frequency or duration of baths or how soon to apply moisturizer after a bath.
Seda Lio Resort, a P1.7-billion hotel resort project of Ayala Land Hotel and Resorts Corp.
Saturday's event at Constellations, sees Toronto's Carlio Lio, joined by Italian tech house star Pirupa and the city's own Son of 8.
On February 23, IRIDEX initiated a voluntary recall of a specific laser accessory called the TruFocus LIO Premiere.