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He paused and looked pensively at a sick lion in the cage opposite.
The man who hated him attended every performance in the hope sometime of seeing that lion crunch down.
Now listen, and I'll tell you something: the day may come when the lions get sick.
He had no idea of relinquishing his lion without a battle; but knowing lions as he did, he knew that there was no assurance as to just what the newcomers would do.
I will prevent it," said the gentleman; and going over to Don Quixote, who was insisting upon the keeper's opening the cages, he said to him, "Sir knight, knights-errant should attempt adventures which encourage the hope of a successful issue, not those which entirely withhold it; for valour that trenches upon temerity savours rather of madness than of courage; moreover, these lions do not come to oppose you, nor do they dream of such a thing; they are going as presents to his Majesty, and it will not be right to stop them or delay their journey.
Now this particular lion had never before come in contact with Tarzan of the Apes and he was much mystified.
But no two lions are necessarily alike in character or temper.
Half a dozen times the lion paced up and down, declining to take any notice of the intruder.
I didn't bite him," said the Lion, as he rubbed his nose with his paw where Dorothy had hit it.
To create new values--that, even the lion cannot yet accomplish: but to create itself freedom for new creating--that can the might of the lion do.
The lion replied: 'They have restrained themselves.
First was the necessity for ridding the jungle of man-eaters, and it was only after depredations by these grim and terrible scourges that a lion hunt was organized.