LIPBLithium-Ion Polymer Battery
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On the other hand, the catalytic activities of both LipA and LipB lipases were completely inhibited by 10 mM pMsF and 10 mM EdTA [15].
coremiiforme V3 producing two types of LipA and LipB lipases exhibited an elevated activity with p-nitrophenyl laurate and LCFA glycerides such as trioleate (C18:1) tripalmitin (C16:0) where hydrolysis of ester bonds occurred at 1,3-positions [83].
stearothermophilus lipase 67.0 55 9-13 BCRC 35396 lipase 60.0 25-60 7-10 Acinetobacter AU07 lipase 45.0 50 8 LipB lipase 57.0 96 8 LipA lipase 50.0 96 8 Lip 256 lipase 33.0 80 9 T.
The genes ctrE and ctrF (formerly lipA and lipB) are required for surface expression of a properly anchored capsule polymer.
The LIPB provide a unique opportunity to examine the effect of fire on insect diversity.
I collected scavenger beetles with baited pitfall traps at two locations (Rocky Point and Westhampton) within the LIPB from April 13 to October 12, 1996.
Small sample sizes preclude making conclusions regarding the distributions of these species in the LIPB.