LIPGLeft Intraventricular Pressure Gradient
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It is interesting to speculate whether the SNPs of the NPY receptor Y2 affect HDL-C expression levels directly or plasma HDL-C expression indirectly through certain molecules such as CETP, LPL, LIPC, and apoA-1 in the liver; ABCA1 in monocyte/macrophages and dendritic cells; or LIPG, ABCG1, and LPL in the endothelium.
Furthermore, a naturally occurring variant in the EL gene (LIPG), glycine-26 to serine, which is associated with increased HDL, exhibits impaired synthesis (20).
Lack of association between common genetic variation in endothelial lipase (LIPG) and the risk for CAD and DVT.
Lead researcher Daniel Rader has identified a gene called LIPG, which when mutated result in high plasma HDL-C levels.
is adding Super Lustrous lipg loss to its recently launched Super Lustrous Ultra Shimmers lipstick line.