LIPMLaboratoire Interactions Plantes-Microorganismes (French: Plant-Microbe Interactions Laboratory)
LIPMLaser Integrating Plate Method
LIPMLung Inflation Pressure Magnitude
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LIPM Raflatac is constantly renewing its prime and VIP product portfolio with products like Polyjet WFPP, a VIP film that prints on-demand and remains totally waterfast throughout its life cycle.
Rockefeller Project May 1992 LIPM facility in partnership with UCSD CME and CCRMA; went to Buenos Aires to give lectures (Ricordi offices) and staged concert Saratoga International 1992-93 Suzuki; staged Ivanov; Theater Institute participated in a panel On the Balance of Things 1992-96 Related to Meet the Composer commission; collaboration with Lucinda Childs Proposal for an Groupe de Musique Experimentale "International Academy of de Bourges/Christian Clozier Electroacoustic Music" Box 4 Correspondence 1994-present "Cultural Specialist" 19-30 Sibelius Academy; invited by Sept Paavo Heininen; two week 1994 residency (first giving 5 lectures, second teaching lessons); concert, tour, etc.
CCRMA, LIPM, CRCA, and the Rockefeller Foundation, compact disc, 1994.