LIPWLong Island Power Wash (New York)
LIPWLabor Intensive Public Works (various locations)
LIPWLancaster Interchurch Peace Witness (Pennsylvania)
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Component 1: Labor-intensive Public Works and Disaster Risk Financing LIPW will provide beneficiaries from poor and vulnerable households with a seasonal transfer for multiple years in return for their participation in LIPW.
It will promote the participation of women by selecting activities that are supportive of women employment and reserving a percentage of the LIPW jobs specifically for women.
In line with the current global practices, the project will support: (i) formulation of social protection policy; (ii) scaling up of the Labor Intensive Public Works (LIPW) and the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programs; (iii) designing and rolling out the Ghana National Household Registry (GNHR) for social protection programs and strengthening social protection implementation procedures; and (iv) capacity building to support the implementation of LIPW and LEAP in existing and new districts.