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LIRLabor and Industrial Relations (various organizations)
LIRLocal Internet Registry
LIRLoi Concernant l'Impôt sur le Revenu (French: Income Tax Law; Luxembourg)
LIRLoad Instruction Register
LIRLithium Ion Recharge
LIRLet It Rip
LIRLocation Information Request
LIRLibrary Instruction Room (various locations)
LIRLaboratory Investigation Report
LIRLaboratoires Internationaux de Recherche (International Research Laboratories Association)
LIRLexicon Istoric Retic (Swiss encyclopedia)
LIRLey del Impuesto A La Renta (Spanish: Income Tax Law)
LIRLine Item Review (various organizations)
LIRLiberia, Costa Rica - Liberia (Airport Code)
LIRLondon Irish Rifles (UK regiment)
LIRLocation Inventory Report
LIRLaboratory Implementation Requirements
LIRLaser Incident Report
LIRLink Incident Report (Cisco)
LIRLoad Instruction Report
LIRLow Intermediate Representation
LIRLateral Impulse Reaction
LIRLepidoptera of Iran
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En este contexto, en lo referente a los resultados obtenidos y mostrando una evaluacion correspondiente al diametro de las celulas foliculares derivadas de tiroides normal en relacion con su contrapartida estimulada con LIR, se visualiza una importante diferencia equivalente a 2.
All variables are significant, Sign of LGDP is validating the theory whereas sign of LIR is not validating the theory.
A hint of physical lust is present at the beginning of Lir and Amalthea's relationship: Amalthea says that the Prince does not desire her "thoughts," but wants her just like the Bull.
LIR finds its inspiration in the work of the late French philosopher Stephane Lupasco, who anticipated much of the better known work (at least to North Americans) of writers such as Bachelard and Gonseth.
Premium Irish chocolate manufacturer, Lir, has joined forces with Thomas Lowndes & Co to launch a fresh, new liqueur truffle pack with a difference.
Three stories Balor of the Evil Eye, The Children of Lir and Midir and Etcin - are among the most ancient tales from Ireland and form part of the Mythological Cycle.
Thesman has written numerous novels for YAs and this is a re-telling of an Irish folktale, "The Children of Lir.
Taken from The Red Branch Knights Cycle (An Ruraiocht) and The Fianna Cycle (An Fhiannaiocht), two principle cycles of Irish lore handed down from generation to generation, the stories selected include Children of Lir (a mystical twist on the traditional evil-stepmother fable); Deirdre of the Sorrows (a young woman seeks to change her destiny); Setanta (a young boy strives to become a member of the famous Red Branch Knights of Ulster); The Salmon of Knowledge (Fionn is a prince in hiding and needs help to return to his people); Fionn and the Dragon (the prince proves his bravery and assumes his rightful place as leader of the Fianna); and Oisin in Tir na n-Og (in a beautiful land of eternal youth Fionn years to return to his beloved Ireland).
This is the first year of this new competition, the Clann Lir Book Award - Children of Llyr - which has been organised by the North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers.
14617), he alludes to his black gown: Duo lir yw, da ei len, 'Black of lyre is it, and good is his learning'.
First composed in the 8th or 9th century, the story was revised and combined in the 15th century with The Tragic Death of the Children of Tuireann (Oidheadh Chloinne Tuireann) and The Tragic Death of the Children of Lir (Oidheadh Chloinne Lir) into The Three Sorrows of Storytelling (Tri Truaighe na Scealaigheachta).