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LIRILittle River Canyon National Preserve (US National Park Service)
LIRILumbini International Research Institute (Lumbini, Nepal)
LIRILivestock Research Institute
LIRILocal Industrial Retention Initiative
LIRILeather Industrial Research Institute (South Africa)
LIRILong Island Research Institute (New York)
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Moreover, ROS are associated with inflammatory responses by inducing the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and leukocyte migration in the transplanted lung.[sup][5] Based on the above-mentioned findings, antioxidants are a key treatment to attenuate LIRI.[sup][6]
Clark's prologue ignores such questions, however, as it focuses in on the battle at hand: "San Pietro, in the Fifth Army sector, was the key to the Liri Valley.
Following control interventions, sleeping sickness patients reporting to LIRI Hospital from Buteba, Kisoko and Osukuru foci were monitored through patient records from the time of the outbreaks in 1991 to 2008.
San Giorgio a Liri, a town near Rome, Italy, is facing the threat of sprawl as it evolves from an agricultural town to an office center.
The Lumbini International Research Institute (LIRI) is, apart from the museum, the only other of Tange's original building designs to have been realised.
According to the Gazette, the program is scheduled to run for one year, offering a maximum rebate of 500 liri (approximately $1,500).
(16.) Camilo Crivelli, S.J., Los protestantesen America Latina (Rome: Isolade Liri, A.
He is reopposed on the same terms by Liri, who was half a length behind him last time and has since won a maiden by five lengths.
L/Cpl Round 25044837 LIRI TP 42 BTY, 22 RA URR, Cyprus BFPO 567
Angry-looking silver fish caught that morning vie for your liri with caged budgies and canaries desperate for their freedom.