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LIRISLeuven Institute for Research on Information Systems (est. 1987; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Leuven, Belgium)
LIRISLoral Infrared Imaging System
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The system will prove particularly useful to Dan Liris in dyeing its range of fabrics weighing between 60 250 gsm.
Named Dan Liris in reference to the Javanese philosophy of Udan Liris' meaning a steady light rain or drizzle the textile manufacturing company was founded with the expectation that it would be able to achieve strong and stable growth while delivering prosperity to its shareholders employees partners and the surrounding community.
Allergan is an ideal partner for advancing LiRIS because of its team's expertise in drug delivery technologies, specialty product development and commercialization in the urology market.
X Minageniini (*) X SPHECIDAE: Astata unicolor Say X X Tachytes tricinctus (Fabricius) X Liris spp.
Revision of North American Liris Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Sphecoidea: Larridae).
Contractor address : Tour CB21 16, place de lIris 92040
LIRIS has developed two systems, the Anti-Armor Threat Warning System (ATWS) and the Spatial ATWS (SATWS).
This Phase 1 study successfully establishes proof-of-concept for the TARIS sustained-release technology and positions us for mid-stage clinical development with our LiRIS (Lidocaine Releasing Intravesical System) in interstitial cystitis (IC), our first indication, in 2010.
We are preparing to initiate clinical development with the LiRIS system this fall with the goal of entering Phase 2 clinical studies in 2010.
Meet 21-year-olds Liris Crosse and Gloria Velez, who give Honey the low-down on what it takes to get in the door, as well as the challenges they face trying to turn what is often a temporary joy ride into a viable business and career in entertainment.
During the rendezvous with ISS, and a few days prior, during a dedicated ISS fly-under, ATV-5 will activate the LIRIS demonstrator (short for Laser InfraRed Imaging Sensor).
LIRIS will develop imaging sensors using its uncooled microbridge detector, while it reduces costs in focal plane array and electronics.