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LIRULivestock Issues Research Unit (Lubbock, TX)
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Liru, who is the headmaster of Kabkara Secondary School, said he has ten games left to play with seven of them at their Kakamega Police Canteen court.
The exit velocity and pen score for each animal were then averaged together to come up with a temperament score, says Jeffery Carroll, LIRU research leader.
The older Anangu women have marked out the Liru trail, an excursion with an Anangu guide that gives the visitor some idea of their traditional culture and their ideas, and the Anangu have also collaborated a great deal on other excursions and visits to sites.
Two sinuous plans represent (or have come to do so) Liru and Kuniya, snakes from the mythology of Anangu, which watch each other warily across the central battlefield and face the southern face of Uluru on which their Tjukurpa (or tribal law - see footnote 1) is inscribed.
Homa Bay County Referral Hospital acting CEO Meshach Liru said the student lost his speech because his nerve tissue was affected.
Right before the first nuclear test by North Korea in 2006, Cui Liru, senior foreign policy specialist and president of the Chinese Institute of Contemporary International Relations, affiliated with the Ministry of State Security, wrote: "In Chinese academia, there are different perspectives on the reason for the special relation between China and North Korea....
podai, Erata, liru!" The poet's sudden change of mind, only suggested by Fleming, is made abrupt and urgent by Sumarokov with his emphatic "net" and his use of exclamation marks.
Mutuku summoned the officer investigating the matter corporal Charles Liru to explain the status of Njeri's travel documents.