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LIRULivestock Issues Research Unit (Lubbock, TX)
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The exit velocity and pen score for each animal were then averaged together to come up with a temperament score, says Jeffery Carroll, LIRU research leader.
Department of Agriculture and Texas AgriLife Research and was part of a project by Texas A&M graduate student Nicole Burdick, who is now with LIRU.
Lythrurus lirus (= Nototropis lirus)--UF 173473 (BU 304) (71 paralectoypes); USNM 17876 (6 paralectotypes); USNM 20138 (2 paralectotypes), USNM 101158 (5 paralectotypes); ANSP 19842 (1 paralectotype); MCZ 24383 (1 paralectotype); ANSP 19842 (lectotype); BMNH 1880.