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A spokesman for Lisca said: "It's healthier than an ordinary bra because it will always provide the perfect fit." (ANI)
(2) In an otherwise highly laudatory reading of the "play-novelette," as he calls it, as a Biblical allegory (George=Cain and Lennie-Abel), Peter Lisca writes: Less subtle, perhaps too obvious, is the relationship of Candy and his dog, which is made parallel to that of George and Lennie ...
Portant Fella is another fast ground specialist and he won his fourth race of the season, and his third over hurdles, when he landed the Walsh Engineering Handicap Hurdle by a couple of lengths over the top weight Lisca Hill.
La asisrencia a reuniones de Ia lisca A es muy importance.
Peter Lisca examines expressions of the two standard views, one from an early attack entitled The Truth about John Steinbeck and the Migrants and one from an established critic, Stanley Edgar Hyman.
(4) Quoted by Peter Lisca, The Wide World of John Steinbeck (New Brunswick: Rutgers Univ.
(Peter Lisca reports that after the novel appeared, the workers sent Steinbeck a patchwork dog sewn from scraps of their clothing and wearing a tag labeled "Migrant John.") Before making the motion picture, which still stands as one of the great films of the era, Darryl F.
In structure, as critics have been quick to notice, it parallels the story of the Exodus to a "promised land." Symbolically, as Peter Lisca observes, the initials of Jim Casy are those of Jesus Christ, another itinerant preacher who rebelled against traditional religion, went into the wilderness, discovered his own gospel, and eventually gave his life in service to others.
Peter Lisca points out that in Across the River and into the Trees, Hemingway uses Venice in ways that echo Turgenev, as well as Henry James, and Thomas Mann (244).
6, 1844, Torino), gives the following definition of scotola: strumento di legno o di ferro a guisa di coltello, ma senza taglio, col quale si scuote e batte il lino avanti che si pettini, per farne cadere la lisca. For the verb scotolare, the Dizionario gives an interesting example for the usage of the verb from Lorenzo Lippi's Malmantile riacquistato: E col coltel da Pedrolin di legno / Su pel capo gli scotola i capelli.
Similarly Colonel Richard Cantwell--protagonist, Hemingway persona, and ostensible subject of Across the River and into the Trees--invades the narrative framework by means of interior monologue disguised as omniscient third person narration, as Lisca has pointed out (236).
In addition to Turner's study, most of the criticism that does exist about this novel either discusses its form (as in Peter Lisca's "The Structure of Hemingway's Across the River and into the Trees") or describes Hemingway's aestheticism (e.g.